Saturday, February 15, 2014

Catching Up

There just is no excuse. I've been too busy buying, refurbishing, and selling sewing machines to write about them. It is still a serious addiction but my marriage is in tact so I think I'm on solid ground. Today I sold 2 machines within an hour of each other and have another one waiting for pick up tomorrow. So here's the Brother Riviera that left this afternoon:

A very nice 70's model, all metal, that sounded and stitched very nicely. The floral bag held the foot control and it all packed nicely into a suitcase. A young lady text me and it was sold in an hour. She told the story of her parents selling her Singer when she moved so now had to replace it. Good choice!

A couple expecting a baby came earlier and were looking at the Singer 306K:
I love this kind of sewing machine, so solid (translate: heavy), but you need to already be a seamstress to know how to use this type of machine. She was young and had a broken Shark model but this was too big of a step up for her so they went with a plastic Kenmore from the '90's. Lightweight, easy to use, similar to the Shark (off the record: I would never buy a Shark!), and just right for someone so young. She was happy and he suggested when she was ready they could buy a better sewing machine. That's right, come back next year.

Here's the beauty that is going to a new home tomorrow:
 She's like a beautiful old car, so sleek and retro, in cafe au lait colors. She came to me with paint specks (don't people use drop cloths when they paint?) and only one speed: race car. I ended up buying a new foot control and she now can speed but only when you want her to. I love the handle for putting her down into the cabinet below:

This cabinet got a new finish on the top inside and out. The drawers and sides were just fine so I left them but the top is now so sleek and clean. I'm especially proud of this one. After 3 weeks of "we're coming tomorrow" he says he is coming and I warned if it fell through I was going to the next person on the list as I've had 2 more interested parties, all three are men. Who knew there were so many men who like to sew?

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