Thursday, August 8, 2013

White Plastic

Now I'm really on a roll and not sure who arrived next but here's a selection of the sewing machines that have taken up residence in my basement sewing room:

I waited several hours for a nice lady to bring this to a coffee shop parking lot but she had moved and couldn't find the power cord. She ending up bringing it anyway and just gave it to me. Well, it was not only missing the power cord but all accessories. It look quite a bit of cleaning up and searching for the right feet but it's now working and pretty happy. Called a Jeans Machine, it's part of the White line-up with similar names. Pretty nice mechanical sewing machine with a wide variety of stitches.
It took quite a few contacts to finally get this machine but it's the most modern sewing machine I've had with many decorative stitches. It has needle up/down choice, speed control, needle threader that I can only get to work about 30% of the time, and an array of stitches that are perfect in quality. The buttonholes are some of the best I have ever seen! But she has issues (who doesn't?) with a broken spool pin on the back and the bobbin winder was missing parts. After ordering parts and working many hours, we cannot get to the spool pin no matter what we do. The bobbin winder does work with the new part and the spool of thread sits on the bobbin winder with adaptor pin for a secondary spool of thread. It's not secondary when it's the only one you have but it does work.
I made a nice dress for my m-i-l on this machine and it performed really well, especially with a row of 8 buttons down the front. Love those buttonholes! Even with it's less than perfect appearance, it does an excellent job so I sold it to a nice lady at work who wanted a good buttonhole and long basting stitch. She got both in this machine!

This machine I took in pity from the previous owner. It came from California with a little old lady so it has the original manual with bill of sale and accessories. The current owner was only a mender and didn't care much for the machine but used the cabinet for her plants and candles. We lugged it down to the car and I took it home but wasn't really happy with the state of the machine or the cabinet. This was the first Singer in my collection and when I ran it I remembered why I chose a Kenmore when I needed a new sewing machine in the 80's. Even after cleaning and oiling, it sounds rattly. Upon closer examination I see the stitch width dial has been replaced and it's not a bad choice but not the same size. Oh well, it does work well enough and has a good selection of stitches.
The poor cabinet was very nice at one time but had been altered for this free-arm machine. In the alteration it really got messed up so now the machine could only be set up down in a recessed area. I think that feels very awkward and would rather have it level. Can't do. It's too bad because the cabinet is real wood, has 4 nice sized drawers, even has a spool rack that pulls up. So much possibility. In the end, I've closed up the cabinet and just placed the machine on top where it can be used along with the 4 drawers but I think it might go out to the curb or given away to someone who can love it more than I do.

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